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Membership Information

Why should I join HEART: The Association of Retired Howard County School Personnel?

HEART is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

  • working for the general welfare of retired Howard County school personnel, including teachers, administrators, office professionals, and others who supported the educational program in a variety of ways.

  • supporting beneficial legislation or other action on county, state, and federal levels; to oppose undesirable legislation or action.

  • cooperating with MRSPA and other organizations that support retired persons.

  • keeping its members informed of opportunities to serve the community and the profession.

  • promoting good fellowship among its members.

How do I join?
Membership in HEART costs $20 a year.
Click the link below to complete and submit the membership application
HEART Membership Application

You can also print a membership application by clicking box below to right, then mail.

Use link below to submit a change of address to HEART membership chair
HEART change of address form

Use the form below to submit a personal data form if you would like to our membership chair
HEART personal data form

Add your voice to the approximately 780 HCPSS retirees who are already members. Let's try to reach 800.

Why should I join the Maryland Retired School Personnel Association?


  • is the only organization in the state that works exclusively for retired school personnel

  • is an advocate for its members’ interests locally in Annapolis and nationally in Washington

  • is represented on the Maryland Retirement/Pension System Board of Trustees

  • keeps members informed with a newsletter published five times a year

  • collaborates with other organizations that advocate for retirees and/or seniors, including AARP Maryland and United Seniors of Maryland

  • offers group travel to destinations around the world as well as in the United States

  • provides other benefits to members, including the following:

    • dental, vision, and long term care insurance

    • free hearing screenings and hearing aid discounts

    • car rental discounts

    • access to which provides discounts on a wide range of goods and services, including Costco

    • Dell computer discounts

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